Philosophy Integrates Heaven and Earth
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
* An illusory contentment may emerge from the external fulfilment of one’s desires. True happiness results from listening to the voice of one’s conscience.
* While short-term satisfaction often provokes long-term suffering, an intelligent form of self-sacrifice generates peace of mind and lasting contentment. Indulgence is the source of unnecessary suffering. Austerity and right action lead to true happiness.
* Once human soul is free from artificial ambitions, it can have genuine love and goodwill. Human soul can truly love once it is free from artificial ambitions and prefers living a life of voluntary simplicity.
* When everyone wants to be heard, all try to speak at the same time and nobody listens to anyone. If people know how to listen, however, conversations make sense.
* Less words can be more meaningful. Speaking less allows one to speak more sincerely. He who measures his words speaks little and tells the truth.
* Lucid conversations include silence in their process. Silence gives strength to words.
* More than words, actions say who we are.
* If people think about their rights but do not try to fulfill their duties, the result is that all rights are disrespected. Frequent claims are not the path to bliss.
* When people fight less for their rights and focus in better fulfilling their duties, the doors of Karma open to the birth of a just and balanced society. Doing what is possible, acting constructively, we do enough.
* One thing is our real potentiality in terms of action and achievements; another and different thing is what we think we can do.
* Some of the things we think we can do are actually not possible to attain. And realism constitutes a most valuable asset. On the other hand, however, some goals that we consider “impossible” to achieve are, in reality, perfectly achievable.
* On the average, human beings exaggerate their limitations because they look at the future from the point of view of personal comfort, and comfort is something one must abandon, if one wants to achieve significant goals.
* When an individual is willing to be patient, to wait, to work hard and put aside this or that form of routine and attachment, his chances of success increase considerably, and his positive potentialities – usually unknown – become visible. For victory starts in one’s mind.
* Which action is more important, for students of esoteric philosophy: to carefully read “The Secret Doctrine” [1], or to walk among the trees in the middle of nature? Is it to read good texts on theosophy, or to improve the quality of one’s cooperation with other people? Every aspect of life has its importance. Books and trees are our masters, and so are the people among whom we live.
* Philosophy integrates heaven and earth.  It harmonizes the material factors with the spiritual ones. Inner balance is as important as the strength of the soul. By simplifying his external life, the pilgrim becomes capable of listening to his own higher self.
[1] See “The Secret Doctrine”.
The above article was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 01 May 2023. An initial version of it – with no indication as to the name of the author – is part of the March 2021 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 8-9.   
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