A Renewing Breakthrough in Occult Science
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The accumulated experience of the modern esoteric movement shows that any personal anger or “struggle for power” can only occur in the absence of that natural emotion which emerges as one watches the immensity of the cosmos.
The axiom is valid for the many spheres of interpersonal coexistence, and even for the internal world of each individual, as he interacts with his various – often contrasting – selves.
How important is, then, any feeling of personal frustration, ambition or envy, while one looks at the infinite starry sky on a calm night?
Something curious happens, as the spiritual pilgrim studies the Law that governs galaxies and human lives.
When he starts to understand the evolution of our present planet and the sacred meanings of the solar system around us, all personal disputes lose importance to him. At the same time, he seems to lose patience with this kind of small earthly concern. Renunciation becomes a pleasure. Humbleness brings about contentment. Spiritual will expands. 
As we focus the lens of our soul on elevated topics, our mind gets out of focus if looking at whatever is not high.
Everything in life depends on tuning. Each pilgrim must make his choice as to the object of his priority in terms of seeing and understanding. Sooner or later, we all find our way up to celestial topics.
Practical Actions
* Re-examine the above text. Seek for especially meaningful sentences.  Write down in a note-book those ideas that can help you in the present moment. Tell a friend about the topic.
* Print the texts you study from the associated websites. Reading on paper helps us attain a deeper view of philosophical texts. As he studies a printed text, the reader can underline sentences and make handwritten comments in the margins that link the ideas directly to his personal reality.
The Cure for Envy Was Discovered” is available as an independent item in the associated websites since 20 November 2022.  An initial and anonymous version of it is part of the July 2021 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, page 12.
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