The Law That Protects Our Sky
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Devotion is a transcendent form of love. Love is the name adopted by truth when it flows on the plane of feelings. Truth, on its turn, is the name of love as it works on the level of thoughts.
Truth and Love are therefore two names for the same process.
Theosophists often feel a religious devotion for truth. This means that they experience the integration, in themselves, of truthful thought and brotherly feeling. The fact enables them to understand the processes of both personal and cosmic life.
Truth-Love, also known by the name of Universal Law, moves and guides our little planet.
Good will, devotion and brotherhood bind the earth and the heaven together.
The compassion we may feel for smaller beings expands the devotion we have for those beings who are wiser than us.
Everything in the universe can be understood, for everything is essentially true and results from universal love.
The Love that is Truth, or Law, surrounds and protects our sky and every star. It moves the clusters of galaxies. It gives life to every cell in our physical body and helps them all breathe. It makes the wind move the leaves of trees. It regulates the waves of the seas so that they arrive in a certain rhythm on the beaches of the continents.
The above text was published in the associated websites on 13 January 2020 and consists of a translation from the Portuguese: “Devoção, Amor e Verdade”.
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