When the Presence of the Soul Is
Strengthened in One’s Daily Tasks
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
In the first stages of the Way one often sees a painful difference, if not an abyss, between the divine and material aspects of life.
One’s ambition is then to get rid of outward tasks and duties, so as to dedicate one’s whole life to the altruistic ideal of human progression and perfection.
As one simplifies little by little his personal agenda, time for the search of selfless wisdom expands.
Into the extent that the change of one’s life unfolds, the difference and the contrast between divine tasks and worldly duties get reduced and the time approaches when they will completely disappear.
In fact, every effort destined to sustain physical life – our own, or of those around us – is an opportunity to strengthen the temple within our heart and mind.
Just as the air can be found in water, and water is invisibly present in the soil, the spiritual aspect of Nature is also contained in every right action that is well performed on the physical plane.
There seems to be a “separation” between the earth and the sky, but where exactly is the earth? The earth navigates on the sky all the time.
Human perception is part and parcel of divine consciousness.
Spiritual duty is that duty performed with the right intention and altruism. Through humble actions one defeats pride, eliminates self-importance and attains to selflessness.
Important actions are those which we perform with our soul. The science of theosophy teaches us to put our highest self and full attention at every moment and situation we live.
Nothing is useless whose intention is noble. No action is meaningless if done with a pure heart and generous mind by an individual who’s able to learn. All aspects of life are sacred as long as we look at them from the point of view of universal sacredness. When the presence of the soul is strengthened in one’s daily tasks, the very substance of individual life becomes sacred.
The above article was first published at the May 2015 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 8-9. It had no indication as to the name of the author.
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