Humble Tasks Open Our Horizon, If
Performed With Calm and Peaceful Attention
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The apparent relevance or irrelevance of whatever I am now doing for the good of mankind should not attract my attention.
It is my duty instead to examine my heart and see whether I am doing my best in a selfless way, and if at the same time I am keeping myself in peace, and maintaining a long-term perspective. Selfless efforts are more effective when they are continuous.
I may be able to read a book every month, or help here and there those who work more intensely, or help the voluntary workers with my inner thoughts and hopes. If this is all I can do now, and I do this wholeheartedly, this “small” opportunity will expand and I will soon have better chances to help.
It does not matter what the other workers are doing exactly, and whether their tasks are outwardly “great” or “small”.
Humble tasks open one’s horizon, if performed with calm and peaceful attention. Life is dynamic. I must hope my companions work wholeheartedly. They are my mirror. As their motives are noble, the common task evolves in purity of mind and soul.
There are also challenges.
Little by little the common ground where I breathe and work with my fellow beings improves in quality. Sudden progress should not be relied upon.  Alchemical purity expands under the constant fire of probation. 
As long as I see myself as a grain of sand before the Ocean, the horizon will remain wide.
I must not try to do better than anyone else. Instead, I can endeavor today to do better than I myself did yesterday.
An initial version of the above text appeared at the November 2014 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, p. 11. It had no indication as to the name of the author.