Not in Miles, Kilometers nor Feet
Olga Attovna Fedorova
Well, which measure of Path can be given?
Not in miles, kilometers nor feet,
Nor in years we can’t value even
We have special measures for it.
How much have you given to others?
How many the poor were heartily helped?
How hard did you strive for your brothers?
How large was the light by you swelled?
If your path’s going over deep canyons
Can you serve as a safe, solid bridge,
Did you walk with your friends as in union
Climbing up a steep mountain ridge.
And the Path can be called a condition
Of the heart which is treading along,
If in it there’s an inner position
For the supreme Instructor lifelong.
In our sweat, our blood the Path is measured,
Every step’s on it treaded with strive
So that we can lead others with pleasure
And with love that will make them alive.
Go along the Path we are treading
Seeking nothing for personal life
In the world Brotherhood spirit spreading
For humanity we serve and strive.
(18 January 2018)
Olga A. Fedorova is a Russian theosophist and lives near Moscow. The above poem was published in our associated websites on 7 September 2018.
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