Or Capnion, the Father of the German Reformation
Francis Barham
John Reuchlin was born on 22 February 1454
The 284-page volume “The Life and Times of
John Reuchlin, Or Capnion, the Father of the
 German Reformation” was published in London in 1843.
In the title-page of this work, Reuchlin, or Capnion, is called the Father of the German Reformation; for he appears to be better entitled to this honourable appellation than any other individual. Born in 1454, several years before Erasmus, Luther, and Melanchthon, he was expressly acknowledged by these great men, who were his pupils, to have been the originator of that religious amelioration which they so gallantly carried forward: and this fact has been more recently confirmed by D’Aubigné, who allots to Reuchlin’s biography, the earlier pages of his History of the Reformation, justly regarding him as the very source and fountain of the purest streams of protestant intelligence.
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