There Are Souls Who Find the
World Beautiful and Life Enjoyable
Visconde de Figanière
The Visconde de Figanière (1827-1908) and his wife Josephine
Hunt de Figanière: in a couple, each one is the half of a whole.
Editorial Note:
Human couple is at the center of both family
and civilization. The philosophical aspects of the
love that generates life are not ignored by Masters
of the Wisdom, and one of them wrote:
“…Where a truly spiritual love seeks to consolidate
itself doubly by a pure, permanent union of the two, in
its earthly sense, it commits no sin, no crime in the eyes
of the great Ain-Soph, for it is but the divine repetition
of the Male and Female Principles – the microcosmal
reflection of the first condition of Creation.” [1]
We reproduce a fragment from a novel by the
Visconde (Viscount) de Figanière on the topic.
(Carlos Cardoso Aveline)
The Higher Aspects of Marriage
Visconde de Figanière
The meeting and communing of two souls made for each other (by no means a common thing in this life, and when the meeting does take place it is often when engagements have made it too late, for a thorough communion) is in truth the most powerful talisman which can change the world into a paradise, whether preconceived or not, and give the tone to the whole circle of our existence.
It is still a dream, an illusion of the brain; some will exclaim it is but pure ideality! Be it so, and what is existence but the ideal? Why does the same object impress different people in different ways? Why do some find the world beautiful and life enjoyable, while others, placed in similar circumstances of fortune, find them dull and detestable?
These few queries bear many replies; but the latter will ‘all’ merge more or less into the ideal, and corroborate the fact that, without it there is no human existence possible, from the miser who hugs his gold, and whose soul never has and never will find its communicant, though he wive and wive again (for there are many souls – and the miser’s is one – which are units in themselves), to the genuine lover, who, by transmigration, has just completed his soul, till then, but the half of a whole, flitting its restless erratic course, like a lonely phantom, through the vacuum.
Let us not try to rend the veil asunder, but be content to cherish the dream, and happy are they who can!
[1]Letters From the Masters of the Wisdom – Second Series”, Transcribed and Annotated by C. Jinarajadasa, TPH, India, 1925, 190 pp., see Letter 19, pp. 41-42.
The article “The Higher Aspects of Marriage” is a fragment from “Palmitos”, a novel in three volumes, by the Viscount (Visconde) de Figanière, London, T. Cautley Newby Publisher, 1873, vol. I, 396 pp., see pp. 196-197.
The text is published at the associated websites since 09 September 2021. It is also part of the August 2020 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 17-18.
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