Page one of the October edition presents a short mantra addressed to The Law of Universal Compassion.
After that we have seven Selected Rosicrucian Emblems From a Classic Book by Daniel Cramer, First Published in 1617.
From Moscow, Olga A. Fedorova wrote the article “Theosophy in Russia and the Russian Soul”, which starts on page nine.  Olga says:  “An Authentic Theosophical Movement Must Emerge in the Country Where Blavatsky Was Born”.   
These are other topics in this edition:  
* Thoughts Along the Road: A Master Reveals Who, After All, Can Be Able To Understand the Law of Brotherhood. 
* Determinations of the Will – 01: Concerning the Ultimate Determinations of the Will, and of Benevolent Affections. A text by Francis Hutcheson.   
* Besant and Jung in Esoteric Philosophy: Two Sources of Trouble for the Theosophical Movement.  
* The Psychology of Occult Perceptions – 01, by Helena Blavatsky.
With 21 pages, the edition contains the List of New Items in the associated websites.
The above edition of The Aquarian was published on 07 October 2022. The entire collection of the journal is available HERE.
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Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.