Pomba Mundo
The opening thought of the October edition says:      
There is no joy like the joy of having fulfilled one’s duty.
On page one, the note “A Clean Life, a Pure Heart” discusses a kind of cleanliness that is not physical.
Page two presents “The Wisdom of a Turtle”, on the importance of being “slow” in our age of anxiety; and the note “A Nameless, Timeless Soul”, on the alternation of quietness and struggle.
The Source of Serendipity” is on page three. On pages four and five, “Abandoning Voluntary Blindness: The Philosophical Value of Democracy”. 
An essential topic concerning the future of mankind – how to build a theosophical lodge – is examined in a letter written by an Eastern immortal sage whose normal consciousness is beyond the karma of our mankind. Most of the letter is published on pages six and seven.
On page eight, we have a note by Indian author N. C. Ramanujachary entitled “Serious or Curious?”.
These are other topics in the October 2016 edition of the “Aquarian”:  
* Judah Abravanel, Fragments From Neoplatonic Judaism;
* The Chain of Action and Reaction; 
* A Few Socratic Questions;
* The Ecology of the Soul, or the Birth of Devotion;
* The Occult Life of Sentences;
* Thoughts Along the Road; 
* Helena Blavatsky, on the Eiffel Tower; and
* Preventing the Insanity of Atomic War.
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