The article “Don’t Ask Who Is Born at Christmas” opens the November edition of “The Aquarian”:
From this magic corner in the street of time, we can see past and future pages of life’s evolution. The proximity of the meeting with boundless time at the end of the year increases the anxiety of many. There is an uneasiness in the soul, beneath the surface of social celebrations.”
On page two an article discusses the relation between “Theosophy and the World Problems”. How far should one get involved with the world’s suffering?
On pages three and four, “Opinion, Research and Knowledge”. After that we have an open letter from Moscow to the Theosophical Publishing House in the United States: “A Book by Blavatsky’s Sister, and The Ethics of Theosophical Editors”. The message was written by Russian theosophist Olga Attovna Fedorova.
Other topics in the edition include:
* Thoughts Along the Road – Expanding One’s Affinity With The Sacred Side of Life;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 20 – a Compilation of the Letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher;
* Ten Chapters from The Book of Tao;
* Of Globalism and Brotherhood – Whether Worldwide Political Unification Would Help or Hinder Peace Among Nations; and
* Click in Any Title to Read – a Partial List of the Books Available.
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