Pomba Mundo
The opening thought of the month says:      
Injustice is rather short-lived, while blessing is the substance of the future.
Pages 1-3 present the article “The Solar System, Within One’s Soul: Theosophical Lessons from the Sun and the Moon”.   
On page 4 one finds “Good Will and Cooperation” and “The Seedling of the Future”.  On page 5, “The Sunny Science of the Heart” discusses the fact that timing is essential to life and karma.
Preparing the Omega Point” is on pages six and seven. After that we have the article “Ideas, Fancies and Insights”.
These are other topics in the November 2016 edition of the “Aquarian”: 
* Unmasking Organized Ignorance;
* Thoughts Along the Road; 
* The Birth of the Future;
* A Sacred Teacher Clarifies: Theosophists Must Be Independent;
* The Pilgrim and the Tide; and
* The Dynamics of Sacrifice and Bliss.
The 15 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites, and closes with three questions to our friends and readers, on the article “Preparing the Omega Point”. 
You can find the entire collection of The Aquarian” at our associated websites.