What should we do, when worries and problems seem to block our path?
On page one of the January edition you have the article “Obstacle, a Precondition of Willpower”.
Jean des Vignes Rouges writes:
Problems give you a great opportunity to strengthen your willpower. You must acknowledge, in fact, that it is the obstacle blocking your path that creates this phenomenon called an act of will. If your life always had a smooth track and never faced contradictions, you would soon become an amorphous, viscous, pasty being, a ‘noodle’!
On page three you have the article “Living in Harmony With the Sky”, by Joana Maria Ferreira de Pinho. Its subtitle: “There Is a Ladder We Need to Climb, in Order to Reach the Highest”.    
Page nine presents “The Truths of Life Revealed in Dreams”, by Steven H. Levy: our true enduring individuality is that of a Perceiver that transcends the body.
Other topics:
* Alexandre Dumas and Social Conflicts:
Is Organized Hate an Unnecessary Epidemic?
* Thoughts Along the Road:
Alexandre Dumas, or the Philosophy of the Musketeers.
* The Implacable Truth:
A Few Hard Facts From the Files of the Independent Lodge.
* A Sage of the Himalayas:
Some Words on Universal Wisdom.
With 22 pages, the edition includes the List of New Items in our websites. We wish you a nice reading.
The above edition of The Aquarian was published on 11 January 2024, with Sun and Moon in Capricorn. The entire collection of the journal is available HERE.
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Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.