Present civilization is clearly living extraordinary moments, spiritually, geologically and otherwise; yet most of what a theosophist sees cannot be easily put into words in very helpful ways.
The actual meaning of words depends on each one’s personal dictionary, and Silence is often more meaningful than many a premature attempt to explain transitional situations, especially when they are “liquid” and multidimensional.  
Much of what the Aquarian has to say must, therefore, remain in implicit realms and be understood on the corresponding levels of perception, partially above worded thoughts.
The January 2021 edition of the Aquarian was prepared under the celestial conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and these are its main topics: 
* The Only Important Temple: a Shrine in Our Souls (p.01).
* On Strengthening One’s Will (p.02).
* The Geography of Omniscience (p.04).
* Disaster, a Boon and a Blessing to Man (p.04).
* The Universe Is Guided From Within (p.05).
* The Consciousness of Stones (p.06).
* The Mountain, the Daisy, the Ant and the Human Being (p.07).
* Priorities in Human Evolution (p.08).
* Concerning the Moral Sense – 01: by Francis Hutcheson (p.09).
* Thoughts Along the Road: Deep Satisfaction and Contentment Are Produced by the Love of One’s Duty (p.11).
* The Art of Reading ‘The Secret Doctrine’ (p.12).
* A Pioneering Work: Independent Theosophy on Facebook (p.14) and
* On the Brink of Absolute Eternity: During Pralayas, Souls Are in Nirvana (p.15).
With 16 pages, the edition includes the List of New Items in the associated websites.
The entire collection of The Aquarian is available at our associated websites.
Readers are invited to study (in a contemplative way) the article “Change in the Poles of Our Planet”.
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Regarding the path to happiness, one should remember this phrase by Helena Blavatsky (photo): “Deserve, then desire”.