The North Magnetic Pole of the Earth is changing its geographical location at a growing speed.
The fact is unanimously accepted by conventional science and governments. See a 15 January 2019 article entitled The magnetic north pole is moving, causing navigation issues.
Canada is saying good bye to the North magnetic Pole, traditionally situated in its territory but now travelling to another place.
It is worthwhile seeing a text published in January 2019 by the scientific journal “Nature”, which provides further evidence regarding the present situation:
Taking these facts into consideration, “The Aquarian Theosophist” presents a partial collection of fragments from the classical theosophical literature on the poles of our planet. It refers to the levels of life they represent, and to their periodical change in geographical location.
We invite our friends to study the evidences connecting the geological and ecological life of the planet with the condition and the dynamics of human soul.
The fascinating research about the poles of the Earth and their cyclical role in human and geological evolution helps us better understand the responsibility we have as citizens, regarding the future.
Other topics in this edition:
* An Invisible Compass – the sense of inner guidance;
* What’s Innovative About Theosophy – the groundbreaking aspect of Eternal Law;
* An Enigmatic Passage of “The Secret Doctrine”; and
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 23.
The edition has 27 pages and includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.
The entire collection of The Aquarian is available at our associated websites.