Pomba Mundo
Volume XIII, Number 4
On page 1-3 of the present edition, an article examines the writings of the new age author Jiddu Krishnamurti from the point of view of the original teachings of esoteric philosophy.   What is the actual relationship between Krishnamurti and Theosophy?  
Pages 4-5 present the text How Theosophy Transcends Tribalism – A Few Notes on the Planetary Transition.  A short note discusses the need for “Self-Discipline in Daily Life”, and on p. 6 the reader finds a few paragraphs on the book “The Secret History of the Jesuits”.
At pp. 7-9 there is “A Short Dialogue on the Movement: Theosophy the Bridge to the Future”. Pages 9-10 present Slavophilism and Theosophy – H.P. Blavatsky’s Mission, the Russian Soul and Geo-Planetary Lines of Occult Magnetism . In this short note we share with our readers a couple of ideas on the future potentialities of the occult effort in Russia and Ukraine. The points mentioned should be expanded in the near future. After Russia, the reader gets to know that “A New Blog Is Being Builtwww.BlavatskyArchivesOnline.com ”.
The February edition closes on pp. 11-12 with “The Great Lesson”, “Awakening into the 21st Century” and “A Message to E-Theosophy”.
You can find the entire collection of “The Aquarian Theosophistin our associated websites.
On the role of the esoteric movement in the ethical awakening of mankind during the 21st century, see the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline.
Published in 2013 by The Aquarian Theosophist, the volume has 255 pages and can be obtained through Amazon Books.