These are the main topics of the December 2020 edition of the Aquarian:
* The Power of Dreams: Ideas Move and Sustain Every Aspect of Life (p.01).
* George Orwell and “Doublethink”: Ernest Wood, on Liberty of Thought in the Adyar Society (p.03).
* China and the Implosion of the West: Lessons from a Mudded Planetary Transition (p.05).
* Preserve Lives, Spend More Time at Home, Wear a Mask (p.08).
* Adler Challenges a Solid Consensus (p.09).
* The Need to Face Challenges: There Is a Difference Between Brotherhood and Uniformity of Thought (p.11).
* Thoughts Along the Road: Yoga and Theosophy Bring About a Peace that Never Parts with the Pilgrim (p.12).
* A Few Classics of Theosophical Literature (p.14).
* Adyar Theosophical Society Supported the Jewish Tradition (p.15), and
* The Meaning of the Christmas Star: The Star of Bethlehem and the Esoteric Symbolism In the Legend of Jesus’ Birth (p.16).
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Regarding the path to happiness, one should remember this phrase by Helena Blavatsky (photo): “Deserve, then desire”.