This is the opening thought of the December edition:      
Past and future are never separated from each other.
On page one, “A Prayer for the World” starts with these words:
“I pray to no god and ask no favors from Masters or deities. I prefer trying to help Them. The prayers I make are independent expressions of my own soul’s good will. I look at the world and see reasons to think of the divine realm.”
On page three we have the article “Sowing Good Karma: The Pioneers of the Future”.  On page four, “Self-Esteem and Repentance”; and “The Fire of Truthfulness” is on page five.
Other topics in the December 2016 edition of the “Aquarian” include:  
* Observing the Law of Equilibrium;
* The Science of Good Will; 
* The Key to a Blessed Life;
* The Art of Being Motionless;
* The Secret of Self-Discipline;
* Efficiency in Daily Life; 
* A Grain of Sand by the Ocean;
* Commentary on a Sutra;
* Thoughts Along the Road;
* Contemplation of the Awakening;
* On Christmas Eve And the New Year;
* Ignorance Dissolves Little by Little; and
* Robert Crosbie: New Year’s Resolutions.
The 17 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.  
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