These are the main topics of the August 2020 edition of the Aquarian: 
* The classic verses Salutation of the Dawn, by Kalidasa.
* There is Something That Few Have Discovered About the Spiritual Path; yet Francis of Assisi and Helena Blavatsky knew all about it – p. 02.
* H. P. Blavatsky As I Knew Her; a personal testimony – p. 03.
* Thoughts Along the Road: The Law of Equilibrium Guides the Dance of the Universe – p. 04.
* Nick Young: the Collectors of Memories – p. 06.
* Passages From Blavatsky that Refer to Mesmer and Mesmerism, Part 6, The Science of Psychometry – p. 07. 
* The Alchemical Fire of Tao: a Few Explanatory Verses of Taoist Philosophy – p. 10.
* From the Notebook of an Unpopular Philosopher, Helena P. Blavatsky – p. 11.
* Eternal Wisdom in Daily Life: a Few Excerpts from Orison S. Marden – p. 12.
* The Law of Justice Writes Straight With Crooked Lines – p. 14.
* Theosophy and the Book of Life – p. 16.
* Viscount de Figanière: The Higher Aspects of Marriage – p. 17.
With 18 pages, the edition includes the List of New Items in the associated websites.  
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