Page one of the April edition of the Aquarian presents the article “The Opportunities in the Obstacles”, which says:
Experiencing six or seven months of relative isolation on the physical plane – in a social context that includes uncertainties and obstacles – is an unforgettable learning process. It helps us liberate our souls from various levels of blind attachment to external comfort.”
On page two we have “The Central Role of Honesty: Good Faith in the Battle of 2020”. The article brings a selection of fragments from James Rickards’ 2016 book “The Road to Ruin”. The volume helps readers understand 2020 and the karmic puzzle humanity must solve. 
These are other text and topics:
* Thoughts Along the Road – The True Teacher Is Eternal Wisdom Itself;
* Passages From H.P. Blavatsky That Refer to Mesmer – 2;
* An Unsolved Mystery – A Short Story by Blavatsky Describes Cagliostro’s Presence in Paris in 1861; and 
* The Island of Truth.
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