The opening article in our April edition is “Helena Blavatsky, on the Island of Shambhala”.
On pages three and four, you find the note “How Vanity Paves the Way to Disaster: Practical Effects of Outward Praise”. Page four presents “When Truth Prevails”, and “Good Will, from a Marriage to a Civilization” is on page 5.
These are other topics in the April 2018 edition:
* Lao-tse, or Lao-tzu, is said to have written 930 books;
* On Being One With the Law – a Fragment from the Classic Text “Light on the Path to Enlightenment”;
* Thoughts Along the Road – More Than External Actions, One Single Idea Can Change Reality from Above;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 13, a compilation of the Letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher;
* A Masterpiece of Editorial Forgery – the false letter which John Algeo and his “Experts” published as Letter Seven;
* Seven Chapters from the Book of Tao, by Laotse;
* The Theosophy of Material Life; and
* The poem “Forever Will Find You”, by Collie Ryan.
The 18-pp. edition includes a List of the New Items recently published in our associated websites.
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