Pain and Happiness Surround Me, And I Pray
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
I pray to no god and ask no favors from Masters or deities. I prefer trying to help Them. The prayers I make are independent expressions of my own soul’s good will. I look at the world and see reasons to think of the divine realm.
A poor child dies in a hospital, and I pray.
A terrorist kills defenseless citizens in cold blood on the street, and I pray.
A politician quietly steals money from his own people, and I pray. Hundreds of children die in a war – and I pray.
Entire forests are destroyed by fire, as I pray. The carbon dioxide, or smoke, spreads in the planet’s atmosphere and I pray.  Countless trivialities circulate on TV and in the social media, and I pray. I see people worship money and adore false power, and I pray.
A healthy child is born somewhere, and I pray. A number of children are safe and protected around the world, as I pray. Good will generates life. Husbands and wives love each other and care for their little sons and daughters, and I pray.
New trees are planted in every continent, as I pray. Honest statesmen think of the good of their nations, and I pray. The Jewish State, whose very existence sounds like insult to terrorists and anti-Semites, shines forth and grows with a firmly democratic light, and I pray.
Amidst the pains of birth, South, Central and North American nations awaken to a new level of perception, and I pray. European citizens adapt to change while going ahead with life, and I pray.
Corrupt politicians are put in jail, and I pray.
Asia has a wisdom that nothing can disturb. It permanently enlightens the world, and I pray. Slavic nations live up to their paradoxical vitality, their love of life and contrast – and I pray.  Africa bleeds and suffers and learns, as I pray.  We need no more Atlantean catastrophes, and I pray.
Pain and happiness surround me, and I pray, so that the souls can see the Law and live in harmony.  And I say, as others do:
May goodness protect people from self-destruction. May the nations deserve leaders as honest and wise as possible.
May the learned and the ignorant acknowledge the fact that they are all brothers and sisters; and the poor and rich, and Eastern and Western, North or South.    
May each intelligent being learn wisdom from animals, and trees and stars. May everyone find inner peace, give it to others, share it with the living Nature, and become consciously One with it. 
The present article was first published anonymously in the December 2016 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2. It can also be read in our blog at “The Times of Israel”.