Getting Thoughts from the Higher Mind
Olga Attovna Fedorova
Who in any stormy weather
When all clouds stick together
Will arrive to help us hither?
Who can answer thus: I’ll do?
Who will go to a desert, and
From the thirsty will not avert,
Being constantly on alert?
Who can answer thus: I’ll do?
Who can in the land of darkness
Where even nights are starless,
Bring the Light of supreme holiness?
Who will answer thus: I can?
Who is able to give to mankind
All his life and deeds, refined,
Getting thoughts from the Higher Mind?
Who can answer thus: I am?
(30 September 2018)
The above poem was published in our associated websites on the 14th of October, 2018.  
Olga Attovna Fedorova is an associate of the Independent Lodge of Theosophists, ILT. She lives in the administrative region of Moscow, Russia.
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