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Masters of the Wisdom Have Their
Own Ways to Contribute to Human Evolution
The Theosophical Movement
An Editorial Note
Theosophical teachings include the idea that
great sages exist who have completed the present
stage of human development yet preferred to remain
in contact with our humanity in order to help its
evolution. Taoism calls these “elder brothers”
Immortals. For Buddhism, they are “Buddhas” or
“Arhats”. In Yoga, they are referred to as “Raja Yogis”,
and in theosophy they are called Masters of the
Wisdom, Initiates, Mahatmas – or simply Adepts.
The following text was first published at
pages 28-31 of the November 2010 edition of “The
Theosophical Movement” magazine, which is monthly
published at Mumbai, India. Its publication at our associated
websites was authorized by the editors of the magazine.  
If the Adepts are in seclusion then how do they help humanity?
Our philosophy points out that the Adepts remain in secluded spots which are inaccessible to the unprepared disciples or merely curious people. The concept of “help” varies from person to person. Some of us want these Adepts to intervene and help save one’s sinking business or help to get one’s son or daughter married. We must realize that they do not, must not and will not interfere with Karma. No matter how apparently deserving of help the individual may be, they will not extend help in the manner in which he desired, if his Karma does not permit it.   
Many expect these Adepts to help them by exercising their wonderful powers. Why can they not help to overcome poverty by manufacturing gold, or help people to renew their vigour and youth by the “elixir of life”? Why do not the Adepts multiply the food? The answer is, there is no need for them to multiply the food, as there is enough food to feed the hungry, and that the scarcity is caused by the greedy people hoarding it. Also, if the food were multiplied, then the multiplier would be imprisoned and classed as criminal. This is because it would be concluded that either he has stolen the food or in some way interfered with the trade. Yet, it is claimed that the Adepts have multiplied food in famine times in the Eastern lands, where there is no likelihood of condemnation and persecution.
Others feel that why do they not destroy evil if they have great powers? The Adepts point out that even if they have power to destroy evil, mankind must be left to make efforts to set in motion good causes and compensate the evil. The Adept may help mankind by preserving and by spreading the right philosophy, which can bring about the change in mind and heart of people, with the help of their disciples and companions. By preserving and spreading the knowledge of doctrines such as Karma and Reincarnation, they help humanity to set into motion fresh good causes, and enable them to accept the consequences of their actions, by responding in right manner.
They will not and cannot alter human nature by their power. Each one has to change through self-exertion, by best means he can. Yet, they help by putting right ideas in the mind of the person who is far enough advanced. An ordinary person does not need help from the Adepts. A spiritually inclined person needs it and he is given the same. Thus, though physically they are unreachable, mentally they are reachable, but only by those who are sufficiently pure. They are assisting all good movements, by mentally influencing or inspiring the persons involved in such movements. Here and there, they are preparing men and women to become active workers for the good of humanity. 
An individual who wishes that an Adept must use occult force and save his business does not know what he asking for. The exercise of occult force must have far reaching effect. When an Adept exercises some power, invariably, it involves the aid or disturbance of elemental spirits. These disturbed elementals enter the sphere of the individuals and become agents in concentrating the Karma of these people, leading to quicker precipitation of Karma.  It could throw the one who is not inwardly prepared, off-balance. 
Some people have also complained that if they possess the knowledge of scientific principles and medicinal preparations, why do they not reveal the same to learned men to benefit humanity? The answer is that they possess all the truths but they guard them from the seeking minds who are not ready, and are not likely to use this knowledge properly. But, on the other hand, when the time is ripe, often, these Adepts touch the cogitating mind of a scientist or philosopher with the right idea, which the scientist or philosopher may describe as a flash of intuition. As a result, he succeeds in making this or that discovery or writing a beautiful piece of poetry or philosophy.  The scientist or a philosopher becomes famous, while the Adept remains and works from the behind the scenes. This is especially true of their help given to nations.
They are constantly engaged in the far greater task of the betterment of the soul of man and the elevation of the race, which they accomplish through human agents. These wonderful beings have swayed and are shaping even today the destiny of nations through their human agents, such as, pillars of peace and makers of war such as Bismarck, or saviours of nations such as Washington, Lincoln and Grant. It is said that Lincoln always felt that in some way he was to be an instrument for some great work, and the stray utterances of Bismarck suggest that some unknown and unseen impulse was pushing him to whatever good he may have done. It is due to efforts of these Adepts that Indian Mutiny of 1857 against the British failed, though the patriots of India desired victory. The far-sighted Adepts had at their hearts, the highest good for India and for humanity. They could see that if the British were driven out at that time, India would have come under the rule of some other western nation, who unlike the British, would have destroyed the valuable books and palm-leaf records of India, as they had done with the Alexandrian Library as also with the historical and ethnological treasures of Central and South America.
A very prominent role was played by the Adepts in the struggle for American Independence. They over-saw the framing of the Constitution as also the Declaration of Independence of America. These Adepts influenced the mind of Thomas Paine through freemasons like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc., so that he wrote the book, Common Sense, which inspired people to overthrow the British rule. Thomas Paine wrote of the thoughts which charged into his mind as a bolt from the outside. He describes them as “voluntary visitors”, which he received with respect, and “it is from them I have acquired all the knowledge I have”. Mr. Judge writes that these ideas and thoughts which Paine described as “voluntary visitors”, were injected into his brain by the Adepts.
In September 2016, after a careful analysis of the state of the esoteric movement worldwide, a group of students decided to form the Independent Lodge of Theosophists, whose priorities include the building of a better future in the different dimensions of life.