Self-Reliance in Theosophy:
A Study in the Path to Wisdom
Independent Lodge
The Independent Lodge of Theosophists and its associated websites offer to students of philosophy an online correspondence course whose topic is “The Search for Discipleship According to the Teachings of the Masters”.
The series of written lessons is available for students of any country, in English and Portuguese, since 2017.
The course is based on the Letters from Mahatmas and on the writings of Helena P. Blavatsky. Its lessons use mainly texts and books published in our associated websites. [1] The Independent Lodge believes that – regarding discipleship and spiritual Pedagogy – there is nothing comparable to the Mahatma Letters in the philosophical literature of all time.
The course is free and no student has to pay anything. The First Level of study in “The Search for Discipleship According to the Teachings of the Masters” presents 10 weekly lessons.
Interested students of theosophy are invited to write any time to, making their subscriptions for the next edition of the Course and sending a short report on their spiritual search so far. They should also indicate full name and the city and the country where they live.
See in our associated websites the articles Independent Research in Theosophy”, The Three Levels of Association”, “Theosophists Must Be Independent” and “Profile of the Independent Lodge”.
E-Theosophy e-group offers a regular study of the classic, intercultural theosophy taught by Helena P. Blavatsky (photo).
Those who want to join E-Theosophy e-group at YahooGroups can do that by visiting